What have been the biggest gaming titles for Android phones in 2022?

Whether you need to focus on your work or relax and unwind after a long day, soothing sound effects can get you in the right frame of mind. Noisli lets you conveniently mix sounds to create your own sound combos. Its simple, minimal interface lets you select the sounds you want and adjust the volume to create the perfect sound ambiance. There are countless food and restaurant review apps, but Bite takes the headache out of guessing which places and dishes are worth trying based on irrelevant information. Choose a GIF from the app’s extensive GIF library and then use your device to record your voice to be dubbed over the GIF. The final product is a short video (because it can’t remain in GIF format due to the audio) that you can save to your device or share through other apps.

  • It’s currently in the early planning and engineering stages under the «Next Valley» codename and is targeting a late 2024 shipping window.
  • Many of them are free or «freemium» so you can try them out without spending a dime.
  • If you are signed up with Google, you can save documents, videos, pictures, and more.
  • Even better, if your iPhone has Touch ID or Face ID, you can log in with your fingerprint or face scan.
  • Close ties with artists means that new tracks are sometimes available the same day they hit the shelves in record shops.
  • This app keeps you in the know no matter where your travels take you.

Gboard, Google’s keyboard app, is also exceptionally good and the only reason it’s not on the list is to avoid having three consecutive Google apps here. If you add to that the Waze experience, which includes tons of its own features, and you won’t need another navigation app. Google also owns and operates Waze so we list them together. Both navigation apps work on Android Auto and usually, they work better than car navigation systems. Of course, we have more GPS apps options as well here if you need them.

Photo & Video

Whatever your preferences are, there are pretty fabulous casino sites that you can access from your smartphone. Pulling down from the top of the screen will launch the quick settings menu. Tap the pencil icon to edit this menu and add the settings you use most often. Google offers a wide variety of options ranging from battery saver to enabling and disabling the microphone and accessing alarms. Here you’ll find staples including airplane mode, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

What is the best app to have on your phone

Pocket Casts is a premium app worth checking out if you listen to podcasts and want to discover great podcasts and easily manage the ones you want to listen to. Browse podcasts by charts, networks, and categories, then add the ones you like to play episodes on the fly and create your own playback queue. Episodes and conversations are updated daily, and you can enjoy stories from several categories, including mystery, romance, comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, and others.

Open the Cameraapp, press the Settings icon and choose More settings. Then, choose Gesturesand select Volume key actionto choose your preferred option. This changes settings that use large amounts of storage, such as saving RAW images as JPEG and recording videos in 1080p instead of 4K. If you care cool phone apps more about saving space than having the best resolution possible, you might want to try this. Lisa Eadicicco is a senior editor for CNET covering mobile devices. Prior to joining CNET, Lisa served as a senior tech correspondent at Insider covering Apple and the broader consumer tech industry.


It’s one of the most downloaded apps from the Google Play Store. The file manager app enables users to encrypt or decrypt files using Aescrypt file format. It has a built-in media player, an image viewer, and can open ebooks and PDF files. You can open tabs of different locations on a single screen, which really helps when moving files. On top of that, you can queue tasks such as copy, paste, delete, rename, etc. A common name among the most useful apps; Evernote is one tool you need to keep yourself organized in today’s hectic life.

What is the best app to have on your phone

So when Twitter released its official Twitter app—and it worked well and loaded quickly! If you don’t tweet and have been on the fence about joining the masses, the iPhone app makes it easy and convenient to get on board. If this, then that—shorten that little tag line toIFTTT, and you’ve got one of the best apps on the market. This amazingly simple yet powerful iPhone app can automate just about anything you’d want to do in your digital life. For example, if I add a new contact in Gmail, then save that person’s contact information to my Evernote account.

Tip 2. Can I change WhatsApp to another phone without a SIM card?

And the other dozen people have their own schedules to contend with. Doodle lets you suggest times, and then see which work best for everyone. Untappd helps you record each brew you try along with a rating and tasting notes. No more staring at a tap list, trying to remember which ones you’ve had before. The app also has a vibrant community of beer drinkers that can point you toward new discoveries and an extensive list of beers.

Try out these simple changes to help make your Google phone even better. Next, set up your new iPhone and hit “Restore from iCloud Backup” in the Apps & Data section. Open your new phone and log into Google Drive using the same Google account. Below are the simple steps which you can follow to transfer WhatsApp to your new phone. Using this app, you can transfer large amounts of data and no worries about deleting data before transferring.

Streaming media

The app is free to download and requires a free user account. After all, everybody has their own preferences and there are plenty of great options out there. However, we really like the combination of YouTube Music and YouTube. For one price, you get unlimited music from YouTube Music with more than enough tracks to compete with Spotify and Apple Music.

After all you don’t want to post every photo, then your friends get slightly annoyed. If you want to see what’s really happening with the weather this app will provide you with the best and most up-to-date radar views of the world around you. If you’re an enthusiast about the weather, this app is for you. It only triggers when sound is detected, so you don’t have to play back an entire, night-long recording.

This service makes it easy to manage invites, RSVPs, and even ticket purchasing. Attendees get handy reminders about the events they planned to attend, organizers can see guest lists. We particularly like that Eventbrite can generate QR codes, making event check-in a breeze. For all our technical savvy and disruptive startups, physical package delivery is still ecommerce’s backbone. The Slice app automatically detects shipping details from your email and then tracks the packages for you. This app has received perfect scores from two independent research labs and scans your phone in mere seconds.

Video downloader for TikTok and Instagram story saver is an application which actors all in one video downloader. With all the video content that is posted on Instagram that you want to save and rewatch all over again, it is important to have an Instagram video downloader on your phone. This application allows users to download Instagram stories, WhatsApp status, Facebook videos, Twitter videos, and so on. Even downloading the IGTV videos on your phone is just a click away.

What have been the biggest gaming titles for Android phones in 2022?

Dig into episode summaries, set alarms for when your favorite shows are on, and even see what’s available on-demand. If you’re a confirmed couch potato, this is the app for you. The app provides a gorgeous and clear interface to the tunes.

There are plenty of fantastic podcasts you can listen to on your iPhone. Unfortunately, Apple’s own podcast app hardly does them justice. NASA has released many iPhone apps, most of them with a specific focus . However, this is the space agency’s flagship app, and, in that role, it aggregates a wide range of NASA content. Skype is one of the best free communication tools for the iPhone.

A better lock screen

Where most iPhone photography apps focus on what you do after you’ve shot a photo, ProCamera is more concerned with the shooting itself. You can change the ISO, EV , shutter speed, and white balance. A stabilizing option waits for the phone to be still before snapping a photo. It’s a wonderful, if occasionally seedy, digital marketplace that resembles Pinterest in its card-like presentation. It not only finds you an appropriate doctor or specialist, but makes appointments a snap and lets you see other users’ ratings of the doctors you’re considering. The app knows which doctors take your insurance, recommends checkup types, and keeps track of your medical visits, even if you didn’t make the appointments through ZocDoc.

You can also grab LastPass Authenticator to go along with it for added security. There are other options for great password managers here and some free LastPass alternatives if the new, more restricted free version isn’t doing it for you. LastPass also has an authenticator app for additional security. You can control smart home products, ask it just about any question, and it can even do simple math problems for you.

Isn’t it annoying when people post videos that were recorded while their smartphones were being held vertically? This cuts off the image and makes the picture look much smaller. If you constantly forget to hold your smartphone vertically while recording a video, this is the app for you. Regardless of how you hold your phone, it records the video in landscape – or horizontal – format. Tasker and IFTTT are two of the most powerful Android apps. They are automation apps where you can create various triggers to perform actions when specific things happen.

Its social discovery aspects are addictive, it offers excellent image-manipulation tools, and it now supports video, as well as still photos. The company keeps adding more features, like direct messaging, Snapchat-like Stories, and, finally, pinch-to-zoom. In keeping with the times and trends, the app now supports Handoff to switch between your Apple Watch and your iPhone. With a higher quality level in general, you’ll find art films and independent projects, as well as animation, sports, music, instruction, and comedy. No more being overwhelmed with cats, memes, and skateboard wipeout videos.

Google Gboard

This is a wallpaper, ringtones, notification tones, and alarm tones app that gives you an unbelievable number of options to customize the most basic parts of your device. It covers the basics like recurring tasks, reminders, push notifications, various organizational features, and categories. The app also lets you share tasks and entire categories with other people.

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