Encouraging Medical Students To Develop Mobile Apps

In the following subsections, we present the themes that reflect different aspects of students’ mobile app design experiences emerging from participants’ open-ended responses and their blog entries. A school bus application is one of the most robust educational app ideas. It helps school administrators and parents in tracking the school bus driver in real-time.

But the most important feature of Khan Academy is the complete free course. All courses are in the public domain, which is one of the goals of this platform – to provide knowledge available to everyone. Considering all the factors we’ve discussed, let’s single out the final time and price to create an education app. To give you a hint, we’ve listed the required technologies to make an educational app. To test the learners’ knowledge and progress, tutors need to create tests.

It will be now possible for everybody to learn how to solve any complicated problem in mathematics by using an application known as Photomath. According to many reports, it is one of the best educational apps for students right now. Apart from being quite simple to use, Google Classroom helps to encourage connections between the teachers and the students. It is possible for the teachers to establish a class and also list the education apps within a few clicks only.

  • We would also like to encourage future research replicating our study with students of similar or different backgrounds and learning contexts to validate our findings and benefit educators and their students.
  • This feature allows teachers to promote their courses and create their own brand with a personal target audience.
  • Such solutions are quite convenient for both — learners and tutors.
  • This comment is particularly pertinent to advanced app developers who want to develop highly customized apps.
  • You can annotate whatever material you have on-screen as you teach, which makes for a more interactive lesson.
  • It requires lots of practice as well as patience for learning new languages.

Customer Apps Powering thousands of apps on the BuildFire Platform. Groovy Grader lets you update your technique for calculating that all-important bottom line for students, parents, and you. Groovy Grader replaces your paper grading calculator to provide more flexibility in figuring out the most accurate and fair grade you can bestow. You can configure it for hundreds of questions and have it display grades as whole numbers or with an added decimal place.

Features Required To Make An Educational Application

Additionally, extending one’s learning community can help sustain learning opportunities and motivate students to continue the mobile app design journey with renewed interests and purposes. Educational mobile app development cost consists of various parts. The most significant amount of development time and cost take features. In the previous section, we’ve singled out the required features of the learning application.

Educational Mobile App ideas

They can track the driver’s live location and speed of the bus. After all, they can access or learn everything through digital sources or education apps. Moreover, there is no time limit; whenever they need, they can learn things by operating mobile apps. Such a nice post that covered all the details of social media app development. The platform offers iOS and Android apps to let learners to study anywhere.

We’ve recently developed an educational app called School App. The app has a lot of details about teachers, clubs, sports activities, and more. The solution has iOS and Android apps, along with a web version. Most of the students out there find mathematics to be a confusing subject. Mathematics can be a challenging obstacle to overcome for many of you irrespective of your age.

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Basic or MVP features stand for functionality that is required to satisfy basic user needs. As for advanced, they add some exciting functionality to engage Educational Mobile Application Development more users. Education is no longer as tedious as most adults may remember. These days, it’s possible to study anytime and anywhere using only a smartphone.

The major affordances of mobile computing technologies for learning include user mobility resulting from device portability, relatively strong computing power in small devices, and always-on connectivity (Hsu & Ching, 2012). These affordances lead to tremendous potential for innovative uses of mobile technologies in education. In addition, mobile devices such as smartphones or iPod touches are vastly gaining popularity (Johnson, Levine, Smith, & Stone, 2010) due to the availability of various easy-to-use mobile software applications. There were more than 800,000 mobile apps for iOS devices in Apple’s AppStore and Android OS devices on Google Play respectively across over 20 categories (Wikipedia, 2013a; Wikipedia, 2013b). Flashcard applications, such as StudyBlue are also one of the easy educational app ideas for candidates. This is another study support that helps students note down all important points of a topic in a particular subject.

Educational Mobile App ideas

As the world is being smarter day by day, many puzzle games are created for all age groups. You can download these games on your Smartphone and play them to improve your memory power, get command of grammar, vocabulary, and many other essential skills. Teaching Java programming using CABLE in a collaborative online environment. International Journal of Evaluation and Research in Education, 1, 33-40. I like it a lot, the feedback is great and it has been tremendously inspirational to see the innovation and talent that exists among my peers.

Important Tips To Make An Educational Application

Now several schools, colleges, institutions, and universities are showing interest in educational app development to connect teachers and students in real-time. A bunch of educational apps offer premium features or access to courses through payments. For example, the Udemy app provides users with tons of courses.

Educational Mobile App ideas

It can be complicated to create a social media app from sketch without development skills and experience. We’ve developed School App for three platforms at the same time. There is also a responsive admin panel, in-app calls, and support for two languages — English and Spanish. Business model canvas allows studying the platform and singling out the interesting features. Below you can find business models of two educational giants — DuoLingo and Coursera. We’ve added value propositions, business partners, and revenue streams.

How To Develop An Educational App: Required Tech Stack

It will be possible to create augmented reality-based apps for different types of categories apart from education including online shopping and e-commerce. Elementary school teachers are always on the lookout for new books for their students but worry about spending too much of their own money on their classrooms. With the Epic Unlimited Books for Kids app, teachers in the U.S. and Canada get free access to over 40,000 kid-friendly books ranging from National Geographic Kids to the Goosebumps series. The Educator’s version of the app also includes lesson ideas and videos to make life easier for teachers. Recent updates include features that help kids pick the next book in their favorite series and Epic! Originals, which offers stories from the kids’ favorite authors.

This approach includes conceptualizing the app design via wireframing. Wireframes are like a skeleton of the app used to layout content and functionality effectively. You can use online tools such as Sketch or draft your app wireframes on paper. While it is important to have students learn by solving design problems, providing organized tips can be helpful for novices when multiple technical issues can develop and become frustrating to students.

Educational Mobile App ideas

However, these applications make the teaching process more convenient. A bunch of apps can be used for tracking students’ progress and sharing grades with parents to keep them posted. Also, there are educational apps for teachers to schedule classes. This comment is particularly pertinent to advanced app developers who want to develop highly customized apps. It is also relevant to educators interested in teaching programming and using AI as a stepping-stone for teaching advanced textual programming languages. Although AI is a sophisticated and powerful web-based program that allows people to build complicated apps, developers who use AI need to work within the provided blocks and features offered by the AI environment.

One will lose his interest and focus very quickly in case the learning techniques are not adaptive. However, learning languages has become so easy with the help of Duolingo. It allows us to learn lots of languages such as English, Spanish, French, Latin, Mandarin, as well as other languages in an enjoyable manner. Lots of students like to study the courses of the most reputable universities on the planet including MIT, Harvard, Columbia, and so on. However, it is also well known to them that it is quite difficult to get admission into these universities out there.

How To Create An Educational App: Mvp Feature And Development Cost In 2022

One of the great examples of using VR for educational purposes is Unimersiv, an application that combines various VR experiences where the user can walk through Acropolis, Ancient Rome to study anatomy, and much more. Popular tools for developing VR features are Google VR NDK and VR SDK . In addition to technologies for standard features, you can implement advanced tools when you build an educational app for your business.

Check our white label mobile app reseller program for more information on this. There are endless opportunities for language learning apps in the online education category. You can use your learning application as an extension of the classroom environment to enhance user engagement.

A private tutor application helps students communicate with experts through the digital platform. This way, students can easily clear their doubts by questioning an experienced teacher. One more wide-spread educational platform that offers online courses.

Study Time App

Educators were positive about the sense of community in this online course. They also considered App Inventor a great web-based visual programming tool for developing useful and fully functioning mobile apps. They had great sense of empowerment through developing unique apps by using App Inventor. They felt their own design work and creative problem solving were inspired by the customized mobile apps shared by peers. This study helped reveal the educational value of mobile app design activities and the web-based visual programming tool, and the possibility of teaching/learning mobile app design online. The innovation in mobile apps has raised interests among educators because it facilitates teaching and learning (Johnson et al., 2012).

Anyone can use BuildFire’s app creator to build a robust, fully-functional educational app from scratch. Our platform simplifies the barrier to entry into development for non-technical users, and it speeds up the application development process. Besides market research and hiring the best educational app development company, the UI/UX design of the app needs the most attention. You don’t want your app to look outdated and mundane which doesn’t motivate students to study. You want your app to be interactive and fun for students and teachers to use. Only then, your app could attract and retain users and grow your edTech brand.

Google has also created an educational app — Google Classroom. This application allows working with Google Documents, making a copy for each learner, or creating folders on Google Drive. In this guide, you can find data about the required features and technologies. Also, we’ll provide you with a final cost to make an education app. This particular education app is one of the most well-known educational apps for students at present which consists of Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar plus other apps. Google Classroom is intended for students and teachers in K-12 as well as higher education marketplaces.

This app connects handicapped kids and teachers by providing them a platform for regular learning. In case you run an edu-tech startup or planning for a startup by introducing an educational app, you must check out these easy and money-making educational app ideas given in this blog. For example, a Shaw Academy subscription is priced between $49.99 and $60, and once paid, users have full access to the library of numerous courses.

It helps them learn numbers, animals, alphabets, colors, fruits, flowers, and others which help them clear their entrance interviews of a school easily. It’s tough to prepare for a competitive examination with no coaching. From several digital resources, students need to discover the ideal syllabus and then reference book and finally, they can prepare the test series for their self-assessment. Include a flashcard feature in your app with the word elements and words mentioned, alongside prefixes and suffixes. Visualization tools help candidates keep a record of their growth, and instances will make sure they understand every word’s contextual meaning. Developing a dependable word bank is required for people so they can express their thoughts precisely.

Combining all of these skillsets takes the talent of entrepreneurial professionals with the necessary drive that are able to generate fresh perspectives. Well before entering medical school, students have become accustomed to their laptops, tablets, and mobile devices including various education oriented applications. As these apps change the medical learning environment, the opportunity for innovation is ripe.

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