An Introduction To Testing Api’s Using Rest Assured

To do this I am going to quickly setup my own endpoints locally, using an open source tool called JSON server. API tests both manually and automated run much faster because the tester physically does not need to go through the UI, repost test data. All it takes is a single, or multiple, API calls to be performed to successfully test functionality. Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash REST Assured is an open source Java library that is used when building automated tests for REST endpoints.

With this strategy, the first call is used to extract valid test data so we can confirm the 2nd call is returning the correct data. Since we’re doing this with no hardcoded test rest api testing data, changes to the underlying data will not cause the test to fail. The 1st call is just getting all of the albums and extracts the json response to a Response object.

rest api testing java

1Use a JsonPath expression to retrieve all the last_name values underneath the data entry. The CallAnApi ability gives actors the ability to interact with a REST web service using Rest-Assured. This includes both invoking REST end-points and querying the results. REST Assured is developed and maintained by Johan Haleby with the help of numerous other contributors over the years. Would you like to contribute to the project in any way?

Oops, You Will Need To Install Grepper And Log

In this case, we use the Get interaction class, which comes bundled with serenity-screenplay-rest. With this article you should have a good start on using REST Assured for testing API endpoints. Of course there is a lot more to it than the basics I’ve described, so go ahead and do some more research on your own at the official REST Assured website.

When dealing with sensitive data GET requests should not be used. RESTFUL Web Services – To implement the concept of REST architecture HTTP method is used. RESTFUL Web Services defines URI , and also provides resource representation like JSON and a set of HTTP method. Non-Functional testing such as performance testing, security testing.

What Is Rest Assured

We know which tool is best used in certain scenarios and we are developing our own tools. One of these tools is called Apimation, and, just like Rest Assured, it is made for testing API. Aside from similar features that both share, such as support for a CLI client, integrate with CI, pre-defined functionality for methods, etc., each have their pros and cons, which are listed below. If the GET method receives an answer that holds a response body, there is an option to also add that as an expectation.

Both of these tests have hardcoded test data, which is typically not ideal. Easy to integrate with JUnit and TestNG frameworks, for greater added functionality. A bit more complex request is a POST request, which includes everything the GET method has, as well as a body containing input data. The level of complexity is determined by the user when creating test cases using REST Assured. Here are a few simple examples of basic calls using some of the most popular methods, starting with GET. Statement that can help me understand wether response data returned from server equals to expected data.

In a REST API, GET requests are used to query a REST resource. Let’s see how we can do this using Serenity Screenplay. You can find the complete code for this series of blog posts in my Github project. In the then section we are validating the data was successfully posted.

  • With this test we POST the data related to our new album.
  • In addition to providing an endpoint to retrieve your data, JSON Server allows you to make POST, PUT, PATCH or DELETE requests, making it an ideal solution for mocking endpoints.
  • Statement that can help me understand wether response data returned from server equals to expected data.
  • Both of these tests have hardcoded test data, which is typically not ideal.
  • A bit more complex request is a POST request, which includes everything the GET method has, as well as a body containing input data.

In unit testing every functionality is separately tested. Im my previous article we used publicly available REST endpoints for our tests. For this article I want build tests for endpoints that I create and define.

What Are The Protocols Used In Api Testing?

With this test we POST the data related to our new album. We do that by creating a new JSONObject with the artist, title, and year of the new album. This object is then added to the body in the given section of the test.

All you need to do is invoke the service using get() and then perform the required checks using assertThat() and the equalTo() matcher . Identifying the response elements to be checked is done using a dot notation. For example, identifies the id element that is a child of the customer element, which is the root element of the response message. Installing and configuring REST Assured is easy, just download the latest version from the website and add the relevant .jar files to your testing project and you’re good to go. It is a string of characters designed for unambiguous identification of resources and extensibility by the URI scheme. The purpose of URI is to locate the resource on the server hosting of the web service.

We can use SOAP API to perform the operation on records like create, retrieve, update or delete. We can use API to manage password, perform searches etc. It remains in the browser history and has length restriction.

rest api testing java

API is a part of integration testing to check whether the API meets expectations in terms of functionality, reliability, performance, and security of applications. In API testing, our primary focus is on Business Logic Layer of the software architecture. For those of you wanting to add the possibility to validate RESTful web services to your test automation framework, REST Assured can be a very useful way to do just that. In this post, I want to show you how to perform some basic tests on both JSON and XML-based REST services. The whole purpose of API testing is end to end testing of the functionality.Unit testing is done by the developer.

Reading From The Serenity Config File

Framework also includes code libraries, compiler and other programs used in the software development process. In this case, we use a jsonPath expression (data.first_name) that will return all of the first_name field values. The Hamcrest matcher hasItems will compare the collection of first names that the jsonPath query returns, and check that it contains the names «George», «Janet» and «Emma».

rest api testing java

File which consist of the list of all APIs that are required to be activated and are activated for any particular program run. This is essential as every test run does not require all APIs. In Screenplay, tests describe behaviour in terms of actors, who achieve their business goals by performing tasks. These tasks usually involve interacting with the application in some way. And to perform these tasks, we give the actors various abilities.

This message consists message data and Meta data i.e. information on the message itself. REST API is a set of function helps the developers performing requests when the response is receiving. Through HTTP protocol interaction is made in REST API. API framework is defined by configuration file which consists the list of all APIs that is required to be activated and activated for a particular program run. Framework is similar to an Application Programming Interface, technically framework includes API. Framework serves foundation for programming while API provides access to the elements supported by the framework.

When you test a REST API, it is convenient to be able to use the same tests against different environments. You may want to run your tests against a server running on your local machine, against a QA server, or even against a production box. And you don’t want to have to change your tests whenever you test against a different environment. Automagically Retry Your Flaky E2E Tests with Cypress End-to-end automated tests are notorious for being flaky.

Crud Operations On Bookmarks Dev Api

We will verify that the return value is based on request. API is checked for its proper functioning after installation. The source code for this UI is licensed under the terms of the MPL-2.0 license. The interactions we have seen so far are readable but still quite low level. Screenplay allows us to build higher level tasks that represent the business intent behind these interactions.

How To Get Current Time In Java Enterprise And Be Easily Testable

In addition to providing an endpoint to retrieve your data, JSON Server allows you to make POST, PUT, PATCH or DELETE requests, making it an ideal solution for mocking endpoints. Ability to combine all other command line tool executions and unit tests into test scenarios with additional assertions and data extractions between system command steps. We at TestDevLab are working with various API testing tools on a daily basis and have vast experience with them.

But Screenplay is also a great fit for API or web service tests. In particular, Screenplay is ideal when we want to include API and UI activities in the same test. For example, we might have an API task to set up some test data, a UI task to illustrate how a user interacts with this data, then another API task to check the new state of the database. In addition to testing GET endpoints, we can also test POSTs and DELETEs.

In my previous REST Assured post I covered how to get your environment setup and how to run a couple basic REST Assured tests. REST Assured is a Java language library for testing and validating REST web services, based on HTTP. This DSL or “Domain-Specific Language” went into development in 2010. Unlike other competitors, REST Assured is open source, which makes it easily accessible to everyone, therefore, becoming one of the most popular REST API validation tools. REST or “Representational State Transfer” is a type of architecture created as a guideline for computer systems.

What Are The Types Of Api Testing?

To disable the shrinker, pass the `–no-shrink` flag to this command. With the use of the REST API the server has no status, we can restart the server between two calls, inspite of all the data is transferred to the server. REST uses different representation to define the resources like text, JSON and XML. The most popular representation of resources is JSON and XML.

It is really easy to setup with Docker-compose if you follow the instructions from the Readme file. When using TestNG, we first store the response of the web service as a String, after which we can check whatever we want to check. It does make the test code a little longer, and in my personal opinion a little less elegant.

We do that by comparing the data that is returned in the response to the data we originally sent. As always, change something to be sure it fails when it should. REST APIs allow you to retrieve data for a particular item using the id, and the id can be passed as a path parameter or a query string parameter. With JSON Server you can start building test for API endpoints before the developer implements the endpoint.

On the upside, we can now seamlessly integrate our REST Assured-tests in a larger TestNG-based test framework and profit from the automatic report generation that TestNG provides. Required a bean of type ‘’ that could not be found. REST architecture treats any content as resource, which can be text files, HTML pages, images, videos or dynamic business information. REST server gives the functionality to access the resources and modifies them. We can identify the each resources by URIs/ global IDs. UI testing means the testing of the graphical user interface.

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